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Providing social services to the community of City Heights

Master Legal Advocacy Program

By Carmen G. Kcomt

Perhaps many people do not know that when they are or have been victims of crime, abuse or violation of their fundamental rights may qualify to get immigration status in this country, and not just for them or them but this benefit could be extended also to their closest relatives. This is one of the main reasons that led to the executive members of La Maestra Community Health Centers to create the legal advocacy program or, in English The Legal Advocacy Services Program whose mission is to serve, guide and inform people with problems in social and legal for them to make the right decision in order to find the right answer to your problems.

The legal advocacy program works in response to the wide variety of immigrants and non-immigrants who live in the City Heights area and any other area, the office carries out its work in conjunction with a number of recognized professionals who are referred to cases depending on the specialty.

If it were a case where a person is a victim of domestic violence, human trafficking (Trafficking) or any other crime, the legal advocacy program for the initial interview and referred the case to the attorney Charlie Gillig Casa Cornelia Law Center who after examining the case with colleagues, and decide if the answer is yes, they will provide the victim free representation throughout the legal process, in some other cases we make references to other law firms also recognized and identified sensitive with low-income people who in most cases are people who lack immigration status.

In recent months, the legal advocacy program Master has referred more than 150 young immigrants who wish to apply for deferred action Act referred to both the House Cornelia Law Center and other prominent lawyers Brigid Field, Esq, Rosemary Willimgham, Navarro Fabiola Mattew Esq Esq Esq Holt, among others.

On the issue of human trafficking or trafficking, the Legal Advocacy Program Master is working several cases of victims who are receiving benefits not only the state but also federal organizations.

These cases represent a daily challenge and a constant struggle to recover the individual in all areas to make an independent, willing, ready and prepared to start a new life in freedom.

Our office also provides legal advocacy services filling forms in family law matters, assistance with the application process of compensation to victims, is registered agency for the Safe House program or Safe at Home, help with orders restrictions on domestic violence, housekeeping provided criminal records, references in immigration, bankruptcy, among others.

With the creation of this office that November 21 will be celebrating one year we can proudly say that we have served more than 320 people.

La Maestra Community Health Centers and nonprofit organization leader in its field has increased its Circle of Care or Circle of Care, a valuable piece that complements the range of services offered to the community, which not only gives quality medical services but now social services and legal information.

If you like to contact us we are in the 4060 Fairmount Ave, San Diego upstairs CA 92105.

Ex-Peruvian Judge Advocate. Manager of the Legal Advocacy Services Program.